Friday, April 24, 2015

Party Prep and Bruce Jenner

My birthday par-tay is tomorrow! My actual birthday isn't until Tuesday but I'm really excitec to celebrate early with my family. Claire is coming home and that is a major plus, I can't wait to see her. We haven't seen each other for one of our birhdays in 2 years!

For the party we're making a bunch of tasty appetizers and my cake is going to be sooo good. Tonight my mom and M are going to make an additional batch of cupcakes while I babysit MFF. Tomorrow, E and I are going to chocolate covered strawberries.

Tonight is also the much anticipated Bruce Jenner/Diane Sawyer interview. As an on and off watcher of KUWTK, I can say that this whole gender transition drama has been playing with my mind for a long time. I'm ready for Bruce to just put the subject to rest, no matter if it's true or not. I will hopefully get to tune in after the kids go to sleep ;)


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