Monday, April 20, 2015

April Showers

A list!
  1. I hate that silly rhyme "April Showers Bring May Flowers" because on the birthday board in elementary school my name was always on a raincloud or an umbrella. 
  2. Still, it has been quite a rainy month, which is a good thing because everything is looking green again!!!
  3. I have a long break from work until after the semester ends. 
  4. My birthday is in 8 days!! My family party is Saturday and I am so hoping that Claire can come home for it. 
  5. I just read my 8th book for this year and need a new one asap. Check out my book page if you're looking for any recommendations, I've read a lot of good ones so far in 2015.
  6. I ate my dads delicious banana cookies for breakfast but it's ok, I'm going to work it off later on at boxing :)
  7. DWTS is on tonight!! E and I are really into it again, we're rooting for Robert and Kym, Riker and Allison and of course, Rumer and Val!! (Go home Chris and Nastia)
  8. I have to clean the house in a few minutes here and organize the shoe closet. Should be a load of giggles. 
  9. That's all folks, duty calls!
Happy Monday to all!

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