Monday, March 2, 2015

Warmer Days to Come

Winter has been harsh this year. Bitter cold, excessive snow, the works. I haven't seen grass in two months.

Last week I had a lot of school work to do so I opted out of going boxing and instead brought my laptop to a coffee shop next door. This was something I did at least twice a week last summer (before I started working out). As I walked the familiar sidewalk, littered with slush and salt, I remembered those hot July days where the coffee shop was  cool reprieve instead of a warm one. I thought of those calm hours I spent writing my books, music in my ears, as the world moved around me. I took a seat at my favorite table and ordered my usual mango smoothie.

I so very badly want warm weather again! I know I'm complaining a lot but it's no fun to endure this weather for so long. I want to swim and ride my bike and walk my dog and just bask in the sun! One thing I know I will appreciate the season even more after coming out of such a harsh winter.

I did get through February without any disasters! Yay! March brings the promise of spring and with that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Winter no longer seems never ending and I am so happy for that!

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