Monday, March 30, 2015

The Way it Is

Wow wow, I've been the worst blogger ever this month! I'll say that surgery and a heavy school workload has been a big part in that but also lack of motivation to write more than I have to for school. As it is right now, I'm constantly having to write critique letters among other things and blogging is the last thing I want to do after all that. However, I absolutely do have a lot to say and I love having this blog so I am determined to make to work.

Life right now...well I'm gearing up for a couple days of school and work and then I'll have a weekend of working on my second workshop piece for my fiction class. And sadly, my 13 month run of not getting sick has ended. A cold has spread around our household and I was unable to avoid htis one. It hasn't been bad so far and I'm really praying it doesn't get to be.

E's birthday was yesterday and I failed to write a post. I'm going to get one up ASAP. After not watching last season, E and I are back to watching DWTS again. It's hard to top Meryl and Maks but we have some favorites so far (Robert and Kym, Rumer and Val). And some unfavorite's (looking at you Derek and Nastia!).

I also added some books to my page, check it out!
Back soon!

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