Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter, Winter Go Away

I swear, someday I will live in a place where winter is a nice, mild season that starts and ends on schedule. Or maybe I'm just doomed to suffer through these long depressing months for all my life.

I hate winter. Well, no scratch that. I don't hate snow or cold weather really. I just hate how LONG it is and I hate bundling up and being cold and winter clothes and all that jazz. Just over one month until spring. Though, it still stays cold for a little bit after that so I doubt true spring will be here until April, the month of my birth.

At least school was cancelled today, that's one perk. Still though, now I'm just bored and trying to ward of unavoidable homework that I must get done.

For now I'll daydream about walking outside without tugging on boots or a heavy coat. The warm sun on my head and the pavement grass beneath by bare feet. Ahhh bliss.


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