Sunday, December 28, 2014

And Partridge in a Pear Tree!

Christmas morning was wonderful. I felt great (not sick!!) and my parents blessed my sisters and I with some wonderful gifts. I got a new smart cover for my ipad, my old pink one is soooo beat up. I also got a new Vera Bradley bag that I use for school, again my old one was falling apart. I got a new book and the first season of Make it or Break it on DVD. Amongst other thoughtful gifts, I was most happy to give the presents I had bought for my family. Everyone seemed to really like what I gave them so it was really special.

After we were done opening gifts, we relaxed and hung out before my grandma and aunt came over, I tried to take a nap twice but was woken up for visitors. Oh well, Christmas only comes once a year! My favorite aunt and uncle always have a tradition of coming over before we all meet up with the rest of my dads side of the family at my other uncles house. We exchange gifts and they are always so creative. This year they got me a white noise machine because they know how I hate to deal with the upstairs noise in my basement room. They also gave me a desk calender and the game Scattegories (our favorite game we've never owned). I'm so thankful for them.

After they left we got everything together and headed to my Uncle M's. When we arrived we greeted everyone and had some tasty appetizers. Man do I love shrimp. I might have filled up a bit too much because I wasn't too hungry for dinner but I managed ;). I tried to take a plate from the "adult" table in the dining room but was immediately intercepted by my aunt! Banished the kitchen "kid" table again where the average age is probably around 24...ahh well, kids once kids for life! It was still fun to eat with my cousins who I don't see very often, it was nice to laugh and catch up. Alas, I don't think a family gathering on my dads side will ever happen without someone bringing up the incident  from summer 2013. No one will ever forget that day...

After dinner we gathered in the living room and started getting together the gift exchange. This year, there wasn't too much that I really wanted. Not that the things my family made weren't impressive, there was a wine holder and a sturdy wooden shelf and photography and more. I just didn't have much use for a lot of it. Luckily, I ended up with what I wanted which was my grandma's painting . My grandma is a great artist and I have another water color of hers that will look perfect framed next to my new one. Stay tuned for pictures of my new and improved room.

After the exchange we gave out family gifts. My aunt bought me a beautiful glass beaded bracelet that actually fit me! My grandma baked some of her delicious cookies and I was more than happy to give her her gift in return. I bound my works from my creative writing class this semester. It's tradition for me to give her something I've written for Christmas and I've been doing so for 6 years. After presents we had desert and hung out. As usual, my family was the last to leave! When we got home, M watched her Dr. Who Christmas special in the family room so I retreated to the living room to watch New Girl. (That show is so hilarious, I'm watching it through for the second time).

Soon enough it was time to go to bed and finish up another Christmas. It's so crazy to have so much anticipation and buildup to a holiday that goes by so quickly. On one hand, I'm always so excited for it to come, but on the other, I don't want it to go by so fast. The balance is tricky! This years Christmas was such a good one, I was just so happy to feel well and enjoy it to the fullest. I'm more thankful than anything for my God sending His Son for us!

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