Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 Drummers Drumming

And so begins my fun new Christmas series: The 12 Days of Christmas!! Each day from now until Christmas I'll do some sort of holiday post. Today I'm going to share some of my favorite ornaments from my Christmas tree.

The above ornament was from my dads childhood home, it's cool to have something that continues to stay in the family.
You can't really tell what this one is but it's a glass ballerina dancing. It's been broken a few times so it only has one leg but that just makes it more impressive :)
This one is very simple and meaningful.
My mom got this in a gift exchange awhile ago and I've always thought it was so beautiful. There's definitely something timeless bout bulbs.
 This one is in honor of my first Christmas. All the way back from 1994. It has all of the characters in "Hey Diddle Diddle" nursery rhyme. I have loved this one ever since I can remember.
 This one makes me laugh because it's so very half hazard. One year we realized that our dog Ruby didn't have an ornament in her honor so I took a broken one and pasted her picture in it and scrawled her name on it. I could have at least wrote nicely!
My great Aunt gave me this a loooong time ago and it still plays the Nutcracker theme if you hit the bottom of it.
My mom had my sisters and I each pick out a new ornament for the tree each year when I was 10. This is from the second year of doing this in 2005. I always loved the way this one looked like actual dough and candy.
 My first year of picking out a new ornament. I still think this one is pretty.
Once when M and I were little my mom had this idea to do a craft to make Santa ornaments. It ended up being very tedious and involved, needless to say, my mom was the only one her finished hers. But it's super cute, right?
Behold! My newest ornament. It reminds me of a book my mom used to read me that took place in Sweden and involving some rogue trolls. I've name it Tonkus for no reason at all.
I originally had this same ornament, only the panda was being flown by blimp. Unfortunately, puppy Ruby chewed it to bits. This is the replacement but it's just as cute!

See you tomorrow! What are your favorite ornmanets??

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