Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Lords A'leaping!

Organizing your wrapping paper bin 101.

First, asses the situation...

REALLY BAD. E had rummaged through a few days ago and left it in even more shambles than it had been.
Next, cut away the ripped/wrinkled/frayed edges of wrapping paper to leave the roll smooth and orderly.
Put just the tiniest peace of tape to keep the rolls from unraveling.
When the bin is emptied out completely, you'll probably be left with a bunch of scraps.
After you've sorted through the scraps, vacuum it out.

Sort the contents into piles. Wrapping paper, boxes, bags and tags separated.
Finally, put them back in in an orderly fashion and take inventory. We definitely need more tags as well as wrapping paper. I think we've had those rolls for at least two or three years now! Tomorrow, we shall replenish the stock!

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