Monday, November 3, 2014

Memory Monday

I'm going to start up my "Week of Fun" again in an effort to get me posting more :)

Here is today's memory:

When I was between the ages of 12-15 I spent an enormous amount of time at my best friend Claire's house and she spent a lot of time at mine. One particular summer night we were sitting at her dining room table and creating characters. We were both writers and she's an artist so we drew them as well. Our characters were actresses, so we drew them and wrote out Q&A interview with them. I believe mine was called Ivy Bellamy ;). I can remember the glow of the light and the sound of crickets from the open windows. Her mom was outside talking to a family member and I think we may have eavesdropped for a bit.

I remember we kept those characters going for awhile, calling each other on the phone and going through different scenarios. I loved how creative we were. We never watched TV, maybe movies at night and the occasional Sims binge but mostly we wrote or played with dolls (when we were a bit too old :).

I did a memory of me and Claire today because I will be seeing her in 10 days!!! The big happy news is that I get to visit her in Chicago, it should be a great time. I can't wait!


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