Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

 So who guessed my costume??? I got to dress up as my dream and it was awesome!! Even though I couldn't do any double doubles or giants on a high bar, I at least looked the part. This picture is actually from yesterday and not the actual holiday. On Halloween we had people over our house and took our younger cousins out trick or treating. It was rainy and a little cold but still a lot of fun. Saturday was the day I was waiting for though :). My aunt and uncle had a costume party in their new barn. E did my hair and makeup (with me instructing her) and we achieved what I think is quite an authentic gymnast look.
Above are the pumpkins that my sisters and I carved. Mine is the one in the middle with the boils. I like to get the funkiest pumpkins I can find but this year I didn't get to pick it out. M did a pretty good job though!
Happy Halloween!!

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