Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Don't Cry Over Spilled Sprite

Earlier today I accompanied my dad on a trip to the grocery store in preparation for Thanksgiving.We bought sweet potatoes and yams and ingredients for the four pies M and I make every year. We bought a turkey and cranberries. The last thing we needed, since we are hosting this year, were some drinks. We went down the soft drinks aisle and grabbed liter of Dr. Pepper and I suggested Sprite. My dad was looking through the list when I went to get it. The Sprite was on the highest shelf, barracked behind some plastic stoppers. Without the stoppers, I could have gotten the bottle with little issue if I stood on my tiptoes. But they made it hard for me to actually pull out the Sprite because I'm too short to reach over and get it. Anyway, I thought I could jimmy the bottle over the stoppers so that it sort of fell and I could catch it. Bad idea. I did not catch it.

The bottle flew to the ground, shot across the aisle in a fizzy line of fire and landed on it's base with the cap popped off. In the words of an older man next to me it was actually, "Pretty cool." But alas, it was not cool for long. I'd made a big mess and as the scowling lady shopper informed me, I had "Sprite all over my Uggs." Yeah, I know, thanks for making me feel worse. My dad informed an employee and they took care of the spill. I felt so bad and embarrassed that I honestly felt like crying. At first I tried to play off my emotion as a sort of woe is me, I'm too short to reach anything properly! But then I was honest with myself and realized I pretty much did something stupid that I could have known wouldn't have ended well. I could have just as easily asked my dad to get the bottle for me.

At the checkout I was helping load the groceries when an employee came over and said she would load them, no problem. I then said I had just spilled a bunch of Sprite and needed to work it off. It was a joke of course but I think she could tell I felt really bad so she said, "Don't worry about it, things like that happen all the time! Don't feel bad, it's nothing that can't be fixed." And then I felt a lot better. :) Spilled Sprite? It happens.


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