Saturday, November 29, 2014

Diary of a Fit Girl-November

Now that I've been working out for over two months, I've learned a few things about getting physically fit. I thought it would be a fun idea for me to share some things that have helped me so that maybe others can be inspired or have their own input.

I work out three-four times a week for an hour. I've found that working out in the morning (8 or 10) makes me feel the best and mid afternoon workouts (4 o'clock) are the hardest. I go to a boxing gym so we have 15 minutes of cardio warm up and then 8 three minute rounds of boxing followed by a 10 minute cool down. The cardio can be tough but it's really what gets me going and pumped up. I love planking, situps and tree-climbers but I'm not a fan of sit-ups or squats. Still, everything is important for a well balanced workout.

Something I really struggled with early on was feeling nauseous while working out. Now I know not to eat close to the workout and I think that's why four o'clock is a hard time for me since I eat lunch around one. Honestly, being hungry before working out is the only way I won't feel sick at all so morning is great because I don't eat beforehand.

Typically I wear leggings or capri workout pants and baggy t-shirts. Sometimes I'll wear a tighter tank top if I feel like it. My tennis shoes are Asics and they're super light and comfortable. I always wear my hair back in a ponytail and remove all of my jewelry.

I've been seeing great results so far, my stomach has firmed up and gotten some definition and my arms and legs have really become more muscular. I feel a lot better about myself and I've come to enjoy working out. I can finally say that I know longer thing "I"m never coming back here!" each workout!

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