Sunday, October 19, 2014


Wow, I've truly been a terrible blogger this month. Bad bad bad. Here's a bit of what's been going down:

  • School work, and lots of it. Everything seems to be piling up at the same time. Is it Christmas break yet??
  • Halloween preparations!! On the actual holiday we're having a little get together at our house with a lot of my younger cousins. The day after my aunt and uncle are hosting a party in their new barn. I have part of my costume ready, hint: It's red and shiny. 
  • Taylor Swifts second single from 1989 is pretty awesome! Definitely puts me more at ease for the rest of her album (being released in 7 days!!)
  • Ebola doesn't scare me...until I go to work and have to deal with more blood than ever before. 
  • I've joined a monthly choir at Church and we performed for the first time today. It was a blast!
I have a bunch of posts that I've wanted tow write but haven't been very motivated. However, this week I'm going to force myself to write one post every day so get ready!

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