Saturday, September 20, 2014


  • This week didn't seem too long but it was draining. I was very happy to see Friday yesterday!
  • I've decided to begin working out. Today was the first morning and after I worked through the nausea and headache, I felt really good. 
  • I did some deep fall cleaning in my room, vacuuming and organizing. Nothing I love more than a good decluttered space. 
  • I've got my fingers crossed that we'll go out to dinner tonight, we have this family Italian place that we've been going to since I was born. M and I calculated that we haven't been there in 7 months so it's time!!
  • Last night I went to the mall and got a new pair of black leggings and a nice black sweater. Both will serve me well this winter. 
  • Today the weather is like summer again, for what I'm thinking will be the last time. I just got back in from cloud watching and soaking it up. 
  • I love my creative writing class and all of the great feedback the professor has been giving me!!
Happy Saturday!!

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