Friday, August 8, 2014

Trip to the Fairgorunds

Every year there is a little fair in my town, it holds a lot of memories of potato sack races and rides on the scrambler. It's so nostalgic and I love it. Today M and I and our cousin Lee (sister of Claire) all went together. Lee just got back from eight weeks in China so she had a lot of stories to tell! We had a grand old time chatting and walking down to the carnival. We ate delicious pasta and then played some games. M won a little duck and Lee a frog (both fake). Then they decided to ride this upside down ride that I can no longer enjoy due to motion sickness. I held there things while they went for a spin, it was hilarious! M's hair kept flying out of cart when they went upside down and both of them were laughing hysterically.

After they got off I wanted to win this inflatable doughnut on a stick. It was at one of those hammer games where you have to make the bell ring at the top. I paid five dollars and was unsuccessful but they let me have it anyway :). At this point we all decided to make the most of our carnival experience and get some balloon animals. We waited in a long line and had the awesome balloon man fashion us crowns. They were amazing braided creations with three colors each. Mine is yellow, blue and pink to match my blow up doughnut. M got pink, green and white and Lee got blue, pink and purple. We looked fabulous! Before we left I bought some canoli's, M got cassotta cake and Lee got a caramel apple. We got home and enjoyed our treats.

The best thing about Lee and Claire (who are my dad's cousins kids), is that hanging out with them never changes. We always have a great time together, act silly and laugh a ton. We've been close now for nine years, ever since that fateful summer day when I was 11 and they came over for the first time after moving back. So many memories, so many great times. Tonight was another to file away in my memory!


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