Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Goals Revisited

1. Cut my hair (X)
I got my hair cut and donated it for the fifth time! See this post. I really like how my hair looks short and straightened but I haven't really  mastered how to wear it down and natural. Once it grows a little more I can braid it overnight again.

2. Finish, edit and bind my book (X)
Not only did I do that, I also finished the SECOND book! I loved writing so much this summer, it was such a blessing to be able to explore this talent I was given and run with it. I'm currently working on the third book in the series.

3. Have a perfect day (X)
I had one really great day where Claire and I went on a picnic and then went to the movies but perhaps the best day of all was attending the 2014 Secret Classic in Chicago!

4. Expand my autograph collection (X)
I need to make a post about this but I not only got four new autographs, I met three elite gymnasts from the national team! So awesome!

5. Try and enjoy the city vacation (X)
I actually had a lot more fun than I thought in NYC and contrary to what I wrote, would like to go back sometime soon. Chicago was also a great time (see above) 

6. Improve my relationship with E (X)
Though we still have our struggles and recently had quite a big altercation, I think things are on the up with her and I.

7. Start a new friendship/relationship (_)
Didn't happen this summer :(.

8.Swim a lot/spend a lot of time outside (X)
When it was nice outside, I swam. I also got a new bike that I rode almost every day, it was a great outdoors summer for me!

9. Do one thing crazy (X)
Well, I attended a rather crazy party that was so not me. But, I did it and I put aside a lot of fears because it was my friends birthday and I was gong to be there with her to celebrate.

10. Read at least five books (X)
I did it! Just barely but I did, here are the books I read:
1. Love Life by Rob Lowe
2. Chalked Up by Jennifer Sey
3. Where the Heart is by Billie Letts
4. Four by Veronica Roth
5. The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creech

11. Enjoy it (X)
I really did enjoy this summer, I got to go on two pretty fun vacations and spend a lot of time with my family. I think this may have been one of the best summer's I've had in awhile! I can't believe it is already over, it went by slowly at first but the last month flew by.

 Goals Accomplished: 10/11 (Best score yet!)

Here's to a great Autumn!

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