Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Favorite Floor Workers (and Their Best Routines)

10. Anastasia Grishina
 Poor Anastasia totally headcased in 2012 and has since been riddled with injuries. However, in her prime she was quite lovely on FX, Classic dance elements are often lost these days.

9. Tasha Schwikert
I've always enjoyed the little strip-tease section of her routine because it was different and showed that she wasn't just a cookie-cutter gymnast.

8. Shayla Worley
I like Shayla's flexibility and her choreography. She has more of a dancer build really.

7. Shawn Johnson
I know people got kind of weirded out by Shawn using the August Rush music but I love it. I remember watching the 2008 olympics and being so excited when her routine started because I recognized the song right away. Strong tumbling!

6. Ivana Hong
Another routine full of flexibility and actual dance.

5. Aly Raisman
The performance of her life for sure, and it just happened to be at the Olympics! Aly isn't a dancer but I appreciate her music and fun choreography and that first tumbling run-wow!

4. Shannon Miller
Great dance, great artistry. Shannon is the best.

3. Aliya Mustafina
I LOVE THIS MUSIC. And I love her dramatic choreography.

2. Tabitha Yim
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tabitha is one of the few gymnasts who truly felt their music. Perhaps it's because she also ice skated on this side.

1. Sandra Izbasa

Another set of music that I love, so powerful and dynamic.


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