Monday, August 18, 2014

My Favorite "Beamers" (and Their Best Routines)

10. Catlaina Ponor
Catalina is definitely a Romanian icon and her long career is quite impressive. I love her aggression and steadiness, she was definitely gold medal worthy for this routine!

9. Terin Humphrey
Artistic and strong at the same time, Terin's consistency on this event is admirable.

9. Yang Yilin
I love the Chinese look on beam and their unique combination skills. Yang has such a lovely and light look on this event.

8. Anna Pavlova
I love Anna's skill where she flips over the beam perpendicular. Such elegance and grace, love that she is currently making a comeback.

6. Amanda Borden
Amanda is SO overlooked by the other members of the MS but she was a true rock. I love her steadiness during this routine, not one bobble! Take note!

5. Chellsie Memmel
I love Chellsie and I love this routine. She mixes the power of a standing full twist with the uniqueness of an illusion turn. Super difficult and she nailed it almost every time.

4. Hollie Vise
I wish more athletes would show off some flexibility like Hollie does, I think a lot of times muscle is hindering them but Hollie had beautiful lines, artistry and still manages to be powerful while tumbling.

3. Kristen Maloney
I'm a huge fan of Kristen, of her consistency and the difficulty she upheld all throughout her career. My favorite part of her routine is her tumbling series when she ends in a full laid out twist down in a split n the beam-impressive!

2. Shannon Miller

Ahhh, the queen of the beam, so graceful and so artistic. I love "the Milller" and I love the somersaults.

1. Shawn Johnson
Better landings there never were! Shawn is so amazing here, no wavers, no balance checks. She OWNS this event.


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