Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Worst Day: One Year Later

Today is the anniversary of the worst day I've had in my life. Read the whole post for details but in a nutshell, my dad and three other almost drowned in the ocean while we were on vacation. It was without a doubt the scariest thing I've ever experienced and boy, I can't believe it's been a whole year.

What I was able to take from that day was that I'm not invincible, bad things can happen to me just like the people you see on the internet or the news. God says that suffering will happen and yet I am comforted that He is only good and uses all things for good. I think my family and I all have a deeper appreciation for the fragility of life and how blessed we are to just wake up each morning. For weeks after that day I would just look at my dad and be so happy that he was here. Now whenever I'm mad or frustrated with him I just the feeling I had when I honestly though he was dead or dying. I am so happy to have him and all of my family here with me because you never know what tomorrow brings.


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