Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Chop of 2014

May 12th 2014...

I cut off over half my hair and donated it for the fifth time!!!
I was pretty ready for it, although I never really know what style to cut it into, honestly my hair doesn't hold any style very well. So I just went with something simple that I've had before. They only had to braid and cut off the back of my hair to donate since my hair is so thick. After they cut it off I was left with a funky reverse mullet until they evened it out. And let me tell you, my head felt immediately lighter, it's one of my favorite feelings.

I like that I can now pull my hair up without my head feeling like it's going to fall off but I hate that I can't really wear it naturally without looking like a puffy poodle. So if I wear it down I have to straighten it. I miss my long hair because I could just braid it overnight and let it go the next day, it was a beautiful thing. BUT, overall I'm really happy with the haircut and my hair grows super fast so it will be back to long in no time, seriously!

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