Thursday, June 12, 2014

How Time Flies

Today is E's last day of 9th grade, which got me thinking about my last day. I wrote about it (and he days following)  a few months ago here.

I'm just going to go ahead and post the majority of it here:

It was my last day of 9th grade and I had only one exam in the morning. My English exam, I remember putting on my new green Hollister tank top and feeling pretty cool. The exam ended at like 9:30 and I remember being disappointed that the weather was gloomy while I waited for my mom to pick me up. I had plans to sleep over Claire's that night but I got home so early I wondered how in the world I was going to occupy my time. I remember sitting at the kitchen table and thinking that it didn't really feel like summer yet.

That evening I went over to Claire's all excited about school being over and M's graduation party that would be the day after the next. First we played Sims on her computer, a favorite thing of ours. She had just gotten Sims 3 and I wasn't all that impressed. As we were making our family SOMETHING AWFUL HAPPENED. We were having some fun clicking on the parents and seeing what they looked like when they were kids. As we clicked the adult figure, to make our dad character a man again as opposed to a toddler, the game glitched in the worst way. The body of our adult man Sim appeared but stayed down in the toddler position which was sitting on the ground with it's legs out in front of it. But the dad was flailing his limbs around with his head bent down like a giant spider. It lasted just a few seconds and it wasn't until it was over that Claire and I started screaming for her sister Lee to come quick! We tried to explain what had happened but couldn't quite. After that we didn't play Sims for much longer. Ha.

My had sent me over with a long roll of white paper and had given us the duty of making M's graduation banner to hang at the party. Claire and her family are extremely artistic so she had high hopes. We rolled the paper all the way across the living room floor and into the dining room. Claire's mom Mary helped us draw out the letters and we were in charge of picking colors. Claire and I both agreed on summer colors: green, blue and yellow. We decided to alternate the colors and have each of us be in charge of a color. Neither of us wanted yellow so Mary took it and then we both wanted either blue or green, I can't remember which. I think Claire won in the end and I used green so we must have both wanted blue. We took great care painting the inside of our letters and when we finished we thought it needed some extra pizazz so we sporadically added large shiny blue and green sequins as if someone had blown them onto the banner. To finish it off, Mary outlined the letters to make them pop. We were so proud of ourselves.

To finish off the night Claire, Mary, Lee and myself decided to watch a movie. I think we picked Juno which at the time was a favorite of ours.

The next day I remember being a little upset because my family was doing some graduation party prep stuff in the morning without me. But Claire and I made ourselves a nice breakfast and set up the table as we always did during sleepovers so I was happy. Eventually my mom picked me up and we headed to my grandpas neighborhood (where the party would be held) and picked out some flowers and set up a few tables at his house. That evening my my mom and M and my grandma were going to a wedding shower but I opted to stay home with my dad since I was kind of tired. I took a shower and then perched at the end of our old green couch to watch some TV. First I watched the show "Raising Sextuplets" which had just premiered and I had taped. Then I watched a House episode where a dad is sleepwalks and does drugs and him and his daughter have some sort of condition that make them really boring.

I remember saying goodnight to my dad and deciding to go to bed early for the next days events. The next morning I was so excited to put on my new dress I had ordered form American Eagle in size XXS (though we still had to take in the straps), mine had purple flowers on it and M's had blue flowers. The party was so much fun and I spent the time hanging with Claire and my other cousins.

In a way, it actually does feel like five years since that day, well maybe more like three. Today I sat outside and listened to music on my old silver ipod nano, hearing those old songs that I picked out when I was 12/13 really made me nostalgic. Those were such good days.

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