Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everything Was Going Well Until it Wasnt't...

Great things had been happening in the past few weeks or so. I finished my book (a full length novel!) am currently editing it, I overcame a HUGE mental block at work and I had just scheduled myself for classes in the fall. Then I picked up my contacts, my last hope that the slight blurriness in my left eye is related to my prescription. I was actually shaking when I put them in and then, bam, my hopes were dashed. So, back to square one where I'm convinced I'm slowly going blind. It is truly an awful feeling that I now have looming over me constantly. I actually have very little faith that this will work out now, I know that sounds terrible but I'm really at a loss here. This has been going on for two years and all of the options have seemingly run out.

What I am hopeful about, what I do have faith in, is that I serve a God who is GOOD and a God who knows his plan for me. There is absolutely a reason for everything. I will soon have a positive outlook again, I know it will come but today I'm freaking pissed off an I'm scared and I HATE THIS.


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