Sunday, May 25, 2014

Always a Kid

After the winter we had, I am more happy than ever that nice weather seems to truly be here to stay. When it's cold for literally 8-9 months of the year you kind of forget how wonderful it is to just be outside.

Today we went to a Memorial Day party (another one tomorrow+a parade) and I spent the whole time in my uncles back yard. I'm the type of person who almost enjoys a party more when they are just a quiet observer, I also love to entertain people of course but there is something nice about just watching it unfold. I played volleyball with my cousins for awhile too and though I hated the game in high school gym, I'm actually not that bad at it, even if my wrists are smarting a little bit. I feel my age a lot of the time, as in I feel more mature than the kids around me but when I'm around younger people I find that I sort of turn into a kid again. I think I'll always be like that. There was a comedian I read about and when asked how old he was he would say, "I'm one, I'm two, I'm three I'm four, I'm five..." all the way up to his age. That's how I feel, I will always be the me that I was when I was younger, just added to the me I am when I'm older. Just a little musing...

But boy, do I love the warmth, the sun and the grass beneath my feet. I hope I never lose appreciation for those things. God is good!

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