Monday, May 26, 2014


Happiness is...

Wearing a new tank top and shorts
A home town parade
Cinnamon rolls, eggs and sausage for breakfast
Playing jackpot
Four Square
Eating fresh juicy watermelon for the first time this summer
Taking your cousins on a walk around the neighborhood
Cookies for desert
Laying on the grass
Hula hooping
Sunshine and blue skies
Pasta and Potato salad for dinner
Telling funny stories around the driveway
Spending the whole day with family
Having freedom and independence because of the brave mean and women

Happiness looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Always a Kid

After the winter we had, I am more happy than ever that nice weather seems to truly be here to stay. When it's cold for literally 8-9 months of the year you kind of forget how wonderful it is to just be outside.

Today we went to a Memorial Day party (another one tomorrow+a parade) and I spent the whole time in my uncles back yard. I'm the type of person who almost enjoys a party more when they are just a quiet observer, I also love to entertain people of course but there is something nice about just watching it unfold. I played volleyball with my cousins for awhile too and though I hated the game in high school gym, I'm actually not that bad at it, even if my wrists are smarting a little bit. I feel my age a lot of the time, as in I feel more mature than the kids around me but when I'm around younger people I find that I sort of turn into a kid again. I think I'll always be like that. There was a comedian I read about and when asked how old he was he would say, "I'm one, I'm two, I'm three I'm four, I'm five..." all the way up to his age. That's how I feel, I will always be the me that I was when I was younger, just added to the me I am when I'm older. Just a little musing...

But boy, do I love the warmth, the sun and the grass beneath my feet. I hope I never lose appreciation for those things. God is good!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Gone Fishing...

So it's no secret I haven't been writing much lately and I thought it would be nice to show you why...
As you can see, I've been writing...just not on here! I started a fun summer project about two weeks ago and it has turned into so much more. I really see this as having the potential to go the distance and by that I mean be a full length novel. When I'm done I'm going to send it away to be bound, not published just yet but bound into a real book, I can't wait!

Here's a quick lowdown of what I've been up to (besides writing):
  • I have gotten SO into Dancing with the Stars, I mean die hard fan. MERYL AND MAKS FOR THE WIN. If they don't win tomorrow night...I don't even know what I'll do. 
  • I have come full circle about my hair cut, I loved it at first then hated it and now I think I love it again. 
  • I've been going to a lot of appointments...updates on them to follow. 
  • I had a longer break from work than expected and I start back Friday, not really excited but I do want to get back into the swing of things. 
  • I finished off the semester with all A's and B's! I'm proud :)
That's all for now, I'm going to try to write on here more even if it means my fingers falling off!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The 411

So there has been a lull in posting since I finished up the school year, but actually a lot has been going on!

Here's a recap:
  • Mothers day was beautiful and sunny. We went to the tradition brunch at my uncle's house an ate so much food. E and I took motion shots on the trampoline that came out hilarious. 
  • We had MFF over for dinner and it was a success! I was afraid out dog Ruby would be a big problem but she was actually more of an asset as the kids really loved playing with her. 
  • I got 12 inches cut off my hair (again!) and donated it for the fifth time. My head feels light and lovely, I am loving short hair. 
  • I return to work on Thursday and as always I am slightly nervous but whatever, it will be fine. 
I promise to be back soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am Titanium

Today is the 8th (!!!!) anniversary of when I had 12 hour back surgery to correct severe scoliosis. I can't believe 8 years have gone by, it's crazy to think about. Since my spine was fused with titanium rods I have dubbed today "Grace is Titanium Day".

I stumbled across this dance awhile back and it almost makes me cry because the song and choreography are perfect for the whole ordeal I went through.

You can read about my surgery and journey with scoliosis here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sophmore Year Reflections

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my freshmen year reflections, I was pretty hard on myself in that post. This time around I'm not going to beat myself up. As I'm going to a different school in the fall I feel a lot more sentimental.

I came to this school with really high expectations. Moving here and living away from home has been the biggest transition and change in my life so far. It was, no question, the biggest thing I'd ever done. I was so afraid. I did not make any long lasting friends here, I just need to say that. And as much as I've dwelled on and on about my social failures, I beginning to look at these 2 years in a different light. Maybe my time here was more about personal growth, growth within myself. I did so many things and conquered so many fears that I'd had for my whole life. I forced myself to buck up and power through more times than I can count. It's hard for me to write this because I think I had some of the best times of my life in high school but I'm not that same girl anymore. OF course I'll always be myself and I don't even know if the change is noticeable to others. But I know inside myself that I have grown and matured here and I've really come to know who I am, or at least start to figure it out.

I always though that I knew myself so well, my whole life i would think that in my head. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do and exactly how I'd do it. I learned that I am not in control and in letting go of that control, I became more in tune to what God was telling me. It's not always easy to change your path, especially when you are out of your comfort zone but you cannot ignore God's guidance and nudging. I know that now. I think the biggest difference is that I no longer hide my feelings from myself. I have always been someone who keeps things inside, away from my parents and friends but also away from myself. If thinking about something stressful made me upset or uncomfortable I would push it to the back of my mind for later. Often times "later" would never truly come or would lead to me being an emotional mess. Now I know when to bring things to the surface, when to deal with things and how to deal with them. If I need to cry a little before bed? Fine, because I'll feel better in the morning. If I need to talk to someone about what's bothering me, that's ok too. And always, always pray.

In January, I was absolutely done with living here, I could not wait for May. I just wanted to get through it. Now, here I am, less than 24 hours away from leaving this place forever and I am sad. I'm ready to move  on, even if I do questions my decision sometimes. I trust that this new season will be a good one. I would be lying to myself if I said I won't miss my life here, I will. I'll definitely miss being independent, I really like having my own space and doing my own laundry. I'll miss the quiet nights just laying in bed, no distractions, no noise. I'll miss the campus in the spring and fall, the trees always made me smile. I will miss the alone time as it made it so much easier for me to freely think and buckle down on my school work.

Other people may look at my time here as a waste or a period where nothing happened. But a lot happened, even if it is not visible. I don't think it was a mistake to live here these 2 years, I may have said that 6 months ago but I feel differently now. I am so thankful for the experience. I will so miss my little room, my desk where I spent hours typing, writing, doing art. My chair by the TV where I sat every morning and evening. My bed by the window. All of the pictures and decorations I hung up. I can't believe it's over.

If I could sum this year up in one word it would be: discovery. I discovered myself, I discovered my true path and I discovered how to trust in God's plan for me. So, as I say goodbye to this school, this campus, this life I will look to the future in hopes of more discoveries to come.