Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Turning 20

On Sunday we had family over for a birthday dinner (my dad made me ribs, YUM) and then on my actual birthday my mom and M and I went shopping and out to eat. Here's what turning 20 looked like:

I really wanted cassata cake so my Uncle D surprised me with two! They were. so. good.
 E decorated her gift to me, it was my favorite nail polish and a cute shirt!
 My birthday chalk board :)
 I screenshot my special day (yep, still haven't updated...)
 And...feast your eyes on the best gift I may ever receive. M got me this SIGNED, authentic trading card of Shannon Miller, my favorite gymnast of all time. And so my autograph collection has begun!!
Happy birthday to me!! I loved this cake so very much, it is so me.
And that's a glimpse of what turning 20 looked like for me!

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