Monday, April 7, 2014

New Beginings and Guess Where I'm Going on August 2nd???

Well, as many of you may have read during last weeks, "Talk Tuesday" that I have switched my major for the 4th time. Let me give you a little recap:
  1. I started college as a nursing major, this is what I had anticipated doing for YEARS. So it was really surprising for me to realize that I really didn't want to do it anymore. 
  2. I switched to Child Life Specialist which is a sort of social worker and therapist wrapped up in one. The program at my school is ridiculously competitive and there aren't many job opportunities so I wasn't really feeling it anymore. 
  3. SO, I changed to Psychology on a sort of whim. I could see myself as a therapist for kids but I did not know that I would need a doctorate for that. I also am not a fan of secular psychology or therapy and as a Christian it would be very hard for me to counsel people without being able to bring God in the picture
  4. Currently: I will be going into the fall semester at a different school as a Speech and Hearing Major. As in, I want to be a speech therapist. I'm really excited for this. When I realized that psychology wasn't going to work out I started praying that God would reveal a new path for me. And low and behold I was driving in the car with Claire's mom and she brings up speech therapy, saying I would be good at it. A few months ago the mother of my favorite family suggested the same thing. I started thinking about it and was sold. 
It wasn't a totally smooth road though, because the school I had applied to I had put down psychology as a major and then I came to realize that they don't even have a speech and language major. I was pretty much set to go to this school, I had gotten a pretty good scholarship and was excited for a smaller campus. I was crushed, I considered just staying a psych major so I could go to my dream school but I knew that would be stupid. So I've now applied to a larger school in my area and I'm not too excited about going to school in another city. It's exactly what i didn't want. But I know that God has a plan for my life and I trust in it. I think this whole experience has shown me that I am not in control, I don't always have the perfect plan and I need to listen when my prayers are answered, even if i don't always like all the details.

My hopes are that I didn't apply too late and I can still get into the classes I need, that I can enjoy being at home and reconnecting with some friends, that maybe this new school will lead me to my future husband. I can dream :)

Onto even more exciting news!! As yesterday I am officially going to attend the 2014 Secret US Gymnastic Classic!!! This is a televised competition that's the final qualifier for nationals. I am BEYOND excited, my whole family will go to Chicago for a few days and my mom is going to watch the competition with me. And an added bonus??? Claire goes to school in the city so I will get to see her! I'm totally geeking out, I really hope I can get some autographs, I hope my seats are good. I really can't wait!!!

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