Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday to Ruby!

Today my little Ruby is 6! I love my furry friend so very much.

The day I took this picture El was over and she decided we needed to have a birthday party for Ruby (last December) so we dressed her up and gave her some gifts. She was a good sport about it but needles to say, she wasn't that impressed:

Why is this happening to me?? I have fur, I don't need winter wear.
Maybe if I turn to the side and look disinterested you'll leave me alone.
Ruby is my best friend, I love having her around the house and taking her for walks. I love her name, it was so uncharacteristically easy for my family to decide on it and it suits her perfectly. I love telling it to people.

Happy 6th birthday Ruby-roo, I love you!!

Click here to read Ruby's birthday post from last year and see how we ended up together. 

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