Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Friends Forever

Every day I like to go back through my agenda and see what I was doing on that day in the months before. Today, as I went back to August I saw that 8 months ago was the day Claire and I hung out before we both left for school. I cannot believe that was 8 months ago.

On that day M went with us as we went to our favorite outdoor shopping plaza to eat lunch and then to our hair salon to watch Claire get her hair cut. It was a very hot day, sunny and perfect summer weather. At the salon E called and said she'd been bitten by a dog before band camp, proceeded to go anyway but was going to go home to a friends house. The whole things struck us as very funny and Claire and I still laugh about it.

When we got back to my house, we talked for awhile and I gave her a little going away present. I walked her out to her car and the last thing she said to me was "Be a sophmore!", I'm not sure exactly what she meant by it but I laughed and pretended to chase her car.

Time goes by so quickly, just like that 8 months are gone and I'm 13 days away from being a junior. This summer Claire will stay in the city she goes to school to work. I can't imagine a summer without her. Summer was always are time to really hang out since we went to different schools. It makes me really sad to think I won't be able to just pick up my phone and text her whenever I want to see her. No more swinging by her house before the movies, no more warm nights outside in my backyard. No family get togethers late into the night. Pretty much every summer since I was 11 has revolved around Claire. Yeah, I'm sad alright.

One of my favorite book series is the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. The fourth book takes place after the friends freshmen year of college and none of them are home for summer. One of the characters (I think Tibby) says something along the lines of "home was no longer a place, but a time." Referring to the fact that they may never be home together again and that those memories are behind them. I feel like that might be the case withe me and Claire. She plans on staying in Chicago after she graduates too and her job will likely take her all over the country. I have to wonder if we'll ever really both live in the same place again. I used to want to move to Rhode Island, it was a phase when I thought I'd rather live anywhere but where I do. Now I feel a sort of attachment to my hometown. All of my family is here, my job is here, my Church is here. I won't end up living in the same neighborhood I grew up in or maybe even the same city but I will be in the area I think. Claire has big plans, big dreams and so much drive and passion. I love that she is that way because I am not and we compliment each other. But at the same time, sometimes I'm afraid of being left behind. I know that Claire will always be my best friend and I know that she values our friendship as much as I do but I think she will always be the one leaving. And I will always be the one staying.

At my graduation party...


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