Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Easter was the nicest day we've had this year by far. The weather was warm, the sun was out and I was SO happy about it!! Sunday morning we headed to church where my parents were teaching Sunday school so it was M, E and my grandma in our row in the sanctuary. The music and sermon were fantastic and I am forever blessed by my church. I love it so much.

After service we went home to finish up some last minute things such as cooking our contribution to dinner and assembling the Easter baskets for our cousins/cousins kids. Unfortunately my dad had to work so he stayed behind as we left to go to my grandpas house. We took the scenic route and that drive is one of my favorites.

It was nice to sit outside with my family, eat, talk and just bask in the warmth! My sisters and I filled the eggs with change and hid them for my cousins kids who are 2 and 3. It was fun to watch them look for them and actually be outside for once.

My grandma also had some exciting news that she and my grandpa are buying a condo somewhere warm and it will be open for any of us to come to whenever we want!! This is great news for someone like me who has really begun to hate the winter months. Some respite will be much appreciated, I am so psyched!

Of course, the best part of the whole day was that Jesus lives!! I don't think I understood this fully until recently but God is not dead. Jesus rose from the grave, lived on earth for 40 days and then ascended into Heaven, He is not gone. Death cannot hold Him down!! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice and for being the LIVING God!!

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