Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Word Wednesday

Writing Prompt: Tell about your proudest moment in life.

I have been proud of myself a handful of times. I'm happy with myself a lot but I think proud is a different type of feeling that can't be taken lightly. The proudest moment of my life (so far) occurred in May of 2008.

The elementary school that my sisters and I all attended holds a talent show at the end of the year for 3rd-5th graders, you have to audition and it's rare for younger kids to get in, while fifth graders almost all do. I was in it every year, I sang the national anthem, mimed and did a skit. This year, E was in third grade and I really wanted her to be in it, in fact I wanted to be her coach. Both of us were really into hula hooping at the time and were good at it. So with my encouragement, E agreed to try to hula hoop for the show. Every day after school we would go into the living room where I first taught her a routine and then spent many weeks polishing it. The song I picked was from teh preview of the movie "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta Jones and Abigail Breslin, it was called "Count on my Love".

I didn't want E's routine to be mediocre like all of the little dances that littered the show each year, I wanted her to have stage presence and poise. She already had an actual talent with the hula hoop, unlike the little dance moves anyone could do. E could easily maneuver the hoop from her neck to the torso and even down to her knees and ankles, all in one clean swoop. She could walk while hula hooping, run, jump and even spin. I taught her to always smile and take advantage of the stage, not just to stand in one spot. There was a part in the routine where she twirls the hoop on her writs and walks back and forth with her hand on her hip, it was very pageant-y but also adorable.

It wasn't an easy road though because E needed constant bribing and rewards, every day I brought her home a poptart or rice krispy treat that I had bought int he cafeteria. Finally, the day of the auditions came and I sent E off to school with my precious ipod and speakers, with explicit instructions on how to play her music during the try outs after school. Everything went well and the next day she found out she made it in the show! I was so excited and we continued to work on the routine for the two days before the show.

The morning of the show we got up early and I put E's hair into a slick ponytail and curled it, I used a lot of hairspray so it would hold. The whole day in school I was so nervous and excited for her, finally it was time for M and I to leave early so we could catch the show. My parents were late in getting us and I was so worried we'd miss it but we made it to the school in time. All of the kids in the talent show were at the front of the gym and I ran up to E and gave her some last minute instructions before taking my seat. I waited through all the typical acts before another little hula hooper came up right before E! She wasn't very good so I actually felt bad that she was about to be upstaged. Then E came out, wearing my old blue velvet figure skating costume. She confidently took her place in the middle of the floor. Her routine was AWESOME and watching her was the proudest moment of my life. She looked so happy and relaxed. Everyone was in awe and totally blown away by her performance, afterward she got a huge round of applause and so many people came up to her and asked if she was in some sort of lessons, my mom told them that no, she was just taught by her sister. Me! We worked together and the outcome was awesome.

So there it is! My proudest moment.

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