Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Q: Are you still gluten and dairy free?
A: I was really doing well with the whole thing but after awhile it just became to difficult. I'd buy food for myself to eat but then it would only last so long and I'd have nothing left so I wouldn't eat. Not to mention how difficult it is to eat healthy in college, let alone eliminating two very big ingredients! It was a good experience though and I think I'd try it again someday.

Q: Are you switching schools?
A: Most likely, everything is sort of up in the air right now but I did get excepted into the school I was hoping to!

Q: That's a pretty dress, why did you crop the photo so that we can't see you?
A: This made me laugh because when I posted that picture I was thinking, "Hmm, this is as much as I've every shown of myself on here!". Truth is, I prefer to remain anonymous for now. 

Q: How old are your sisters? Is M older or younger?
A: M is older (23), E is younger (14) and I'm in the middle (19)!

Q: You saw a lot of the Oscar movies, how did  you feel about what won?
A: I was happy with every category actually. Especially best actor and best supporting actor because Mathew and Jared SO deserved it. M and I were divided on best supporting actress because she felt Lupita was hardly in the movie and wanted Jennifer Lawrence to win. I would have been happy with either and actually feel like Julia Roberts was the one who was most robbed!

Q: Will you be doing gymnastics stuff now, on the blog?
A: You know, I planned on live blogging during the American Cup last Saturday but I wasn't home so I didn't and really, it wasn't too eventful. I think I'll try my hand at live blogging for the Secret Classic and Nationals in August.

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