Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday E!

Today is E's 15th birthday, I honestly can't believe she is that old! I remember very vividly the day she was born. It was warm outside and sunny. My grandma was at our house when M and I woke up and she told us that our mom was having the baby! We hung around the house because our new couch and chair were being delivered as well (haha). My grandma was a little stressed to be overseeing the furniture people and was really worried my mom would hate it. We got locked out of the house and my dad had to come home and let us in. I remember telling M to "keep her shirt" on as she was getting anxious. It was a phrase I'd heard on Arthur and my grandma though it was so funny.

Later on we went to the hospital to see my mom and E. I actually don't remember holding E for the first time, I've only seen pictures of it. I do remember being really excited to be a big sister and passing out pink "It's a girl!" suckers to my preschool class the next day.

I am so happy to be blessed to be a little sister and a big sister. I know it's not what you usually hear but I love being the middle child and I am so happy that I get the best of both worlds. I have had the immense pleasure of watching E grow up and come into her own. I really think she is starting to mature and lately we have been getting along really well. I look forward to the day when we are older and both moms and we can hang out with little Polly and Violet :)

Here is one of the pictures I put in the birthday collage I made for E's birthday and put on FB and instagram.

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