Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Word Wednesday

Writing Prompt: What is your biggest regret?

My biggest regret, in my 19 years of life, is not doing gymnastics. I know I've talked about it some on here but gymnastics is a big part of my life but not necessarily in the way I wish it was.

From the time I was little I wanted to take gymnastics classes, I have always been built like a gymnast and was naturally flexible and daring as a kid. But my dad didn't think it was as safe sport and my mom signed me up so it never came to be. Honestly, I feel it with all my being that I could have been great. I know that's kind of a presumptuous thing to say but I'm being honest. I don't know how my back issues would have fit into all of this. My guess is that it wouldn't have been a picnic and I'm sure because of my fused spine I wouldn't have been able to get that far or compete on an elite level but I guess I can always dream. I imagine myself doing giants or pac-saltos on the uneven bars or tumbling on the floor all the time. It's just one of those unreachable goals and I have accepted that.

So, I watch gymnastics, I read gym blogs and I love it all. In fact starting next month I'm going to be blogging about gymnastics competitions, only the big ones so just a handful of times a year and I'm really excited about it. The blogs will look a LOT different than the ones I wrote during the London Olympics. Those were more of recaps while the upcoming posts will be critiques and reviews. I have a lot more knowledge about the sport now.

Anyway, that's my biggest regret and it's not a bad one, in fact if that remains my biggest regret for the rest of my life I'll consider myself pretty blessed.

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