Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Truth Tuesday

Q: Is C the same person as Claire and are you related to her?? I'm confused. 
A: Yes, C is Claire. I've started to ease up on the initial thing. And yes, Claire is my dads first cousins daughter so we are related and I have known her since she was born. However, we didn't become friends until I was 11.

Q: Are you going to transfer to a different college?
A: I'm working on applying to a few schools closer to home so that I can commute and work more. I actually just finished my first application today :).

Q: How is your roommate? 
A: My roommate did not return to the dorms after last semester so I have the room to myself again! Just the way I like it!

Q: Why did your friend L think you were switched at birth?????
A: L did and still does think I was switched at birth because I look nothing like my parents or my sisters. I maintain that I do look like my dad so her argument is invalid and possibly fueled by the TV show.

Q: Whatever happened to your dance classes? They were so funny. 
A: I chose not to take anymore dance classes after Spring semester of 2013 because there really wasn't room in my class schedule and I was getting tired of the whole thing. It was fun for awhile though and certainly provided me with a lot of comedic material.

Q: Is El the same person as E? I'm confused by all the initials. 
A: No, E is my younger sister, El is my cousins daughter who my older sister M nannied for over the summer and still watches occasionally. I know the initial stuff is annoying, even I get annoyed by it but it's the way I want things right now.

Q: I love your book page, what is your favorite book of all time? 
A: Well, I have loved The Outsiders for years and it's actually in my very first post but it's probably a tie between that and Never Let Me Go.


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