Monday, February 3, 2014

Memory Monday: For Murphy

In February 2005, when I was 12 years old, my first guinea pig Pumpkin died suddenly. Almost right after that I wanted a new one and picked out an adorable brown and white guinea pig who I named Murphy. Murphy was a little special, he was small and had a tiny hole in one of his ears, probably from abuse by other pigs in the pet store, for whatever reason he couldn't squeak like other guinea pigs do. He also walked with his head tilted a little to the side. From the moment we met, I loved Murphy more than any pet or animal I'd every seen before. I held him every single day, I loved to the way his fur felt on my face when I kissed him. I was always afraid his claws would accidentally scratch me so whenever I picked him up I would have a long sleeved shirt on, in the summer I would slip a sweatshirt on over my t-shirt.

My mom also loved Murphy, almost as much as I did. We would pretend that while I was in school, he was being homeschooled by my mom who had just graduated college but hadn't found a job yet. She clearly had a lot of time on her hands because she even typed up Murphy's "Report Card", it was hilarious to read. When I started 6th grade, Murphy was such a great distraction for me because that was not my best period of time. I was getting ready to have major surgery and resented my parents, doctors and pretty much anyone who brought it up. Through it all, Murphy was there. That winter I noticed Murphy was breathing funny so we took him to the vet, it turned out that he had "The Thumps" which is pretty much the guinea pig form of pneumonia and the vet couldn't say if he would recover. Twice a day my mom and I would give him medicine by mouth through a syringe. For a while it seemed like he was getting better, he even started squeaking! Still, he seemed to have a setback and since we had moved his cage into my bedroom, I was up nearly every night worried about him as I listened to his labored breathing. One day I went over to C's house where all our cousins were hanging out and having a sort of Valentine's party. When I got home my mom too me up to my room and told me that Murphy had died while I was gone. I was so upset, I was mad that she had put his body in a box before I could say goodbye and I was mad that I hadn't been there.

The next morning I started to open the box they had put Murphy to see him one last time but my mom talked me out of it saying that it would be better to remember him alive and well. That same day I had an appointment with a Pulmanologist who was super nice but when she asked if I had any pets, I could barely choke out that yes, I had a guinea pig named Murphy but he had just died.

I didn't know what I was going to write about today but last night I started thinking about Murphy and how it's been almost 8 years since he died and I started crying (actually I cried a few times typing this too). I'm so happy that Murphy was put in my life during a time where I really needed a friend. Though I only had him for a year I will never forget him. Ever. That's why I brought a picture of him to put on my bulletin board here (the red eye is from the camera flash), I love you my Murphy.

February 2005-February 2006

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