Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Day

I don't think I'll be posting tomorrow so I'm going to do a little Valentine or LOVE day (as I like to call it) post.

I like to think of Valentines day not just as a day for romantic LOVE but for LOVE in general. With that in mind I enjoy celebrating with my family and friends. And I LOVE to make cards so here are the ones I made for my family this year:
Clockwise from Top left: my moms card, E's, M's and my dad. The theme this year was song lyrics with the word LOVE in them. I specifically chose E's from Rent because she is obsessed with the musical right now.

And here is the card I sent C:
 And the heart confetti I painstakingly cut and colored. Yep I LOVE her. 
I also bought each family member a box of chocolate buckeyes (yum) and I expect some candy and cards in return :).
Happy (early) LOVE day!!

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