Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Elimination Game

I've always had a weirdly sensitive stomach and I'm going to take matters in my own hands and get healthier, and figure it out. So I have officially eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet, indefinitely. Dairy is not hard at all because I really don't like milk or cheese much, and I can easily use Almond milk in my beloved morning cereal. The gluten is difficult though and I don't plan on living off of rice cakes forever so this weekend I'll be stocking up on some good food that I can use as replacements.

I got a lot of good advice about the whole thing because a lot of people are now going gluten free so it's not as hard as it used to be. I'm not doing this to be trendy or anything I just honestly want to give my stomach a break from all the turmoil and eat more "whole" foods if that makes any sense.

I'll be documenting some stuff about the transition on here, mainly just recipes or snacks I liked and such. And I wanted to remember when I started this whole thing:

First day of gluten and dairy free diet: January 22nd 2014

Wish me luck!!

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