Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Happy New Year!

I had a really great New Years Eve and Day! Here's the recap:

On NYE Claire and her boyfriend came over and we all went to dinner. C is basically restaurant buff so she picked a good place. I (of course) got a salad, we had so much fun there and continued it back home. I bought some snacks earlier to enjoy so we ate chips, Stewarts soda and mini cupcakes while we wrote out our resolutions for 2014, I'll be posting mine within the new few days. We used my new Sharpies to decorate our lists and then read them out loud. Afterward we played this game C and her boyfriend had brought, for the life of me I can't remember the name of it but it was all about arguing and it was so much fun. Just before midnight we went back into the family room to watch the ball drop. I hastily poured sparkling white grape juice into glasses just in time to count down and toast at midnight. Then we bundled up and banged pots and pans all down the street. The sky was bright and snow was falling, it was so quiet and peaceful. When we came back inside we played "Never Have I Ever" and then said goodbye. It was so fun to spend the night with my best friend.

On New Years Day I slept in and then M and I went to see Frozen. I had heard good things about it and actually meant to see it last week with our other friend but we ended up going to American Hustle instead. Anyway, Frozen was AWESOME, the music, the great. That night my mom and I watched the reveal for this years HGTV dream house and as always we are convinced that we'll win it. :)

Yesterday I had to work but afterward, while my mom and E went out to see a show, my dad took M and I to eat a our favorite burger place. The weather wasn't great so it was nice and quiet. So far 2014 has been pretty good!!


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