Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Because Lists Are Cool

  1. I have started watching Sherlock and why didn't I listened to Claire about it's awesomeness earlier?
  2. I have one more thing to submit for my transfer application to a college I'm really hoping to attend in the fall.
  3. I got an A on my first quiz of the semester!! 
  4. I finally got the second Divergent book and will be reading it within the hour. 
  5. The fact that the month is basically over is both exciting and scary because that means February is coming....shudder. 
  6. M and I are once again trying to see all the movies nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars, we have 2 down and 7 to go. 
  7. I'm pretty certain I'll be chopping my hair off again in May, I really hate how heavy it gets when it's long and my hair grows FAST. 
  8. This weekend we're going to a birthday dinner for my cousin B's baby's first birthday, such a blessing to see my family. 
  9. Truth be told, the song "Let it Go" is actually becoming a little tired to me. 
  10. And it's currently playing on my iphone. 
  11. I just realized that I accomplished one of my New Years goals by adopting a new TV show to follow. Thank you Sherlock. 
  12. I'm currently writing a story that I've been planning for awhile and I'm really excited about it. Dare I say it could be my first book???
Signing off now, be back tomorrow!!

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