Tuesday, January 14, 2014

300th Blog Post!

Wow! Can you believe it? I can't! So, in honor of this momentous occasion I will present you with 30 facts about myself. Much like I did for my 200th post, only that time you only got 20 :)
  1. When I read the lbs. abbreviation for pounds I always read it as "ibs" 
  2. I bit my nails and the skin around my nails for years until I realized how disgusting it was
  3. I have worn the same ring for the past 5 years and the same necklace for 4
  4. I'm afraid of a lot of foreign foods, when in doubt order a salad
  5. The whole "Take one day at a time" thing just does not work for me
  6. I love cereal, preferably Honey Bunches of Oats or any granola
  7. Despite the fact that my favorite color is green I own almost no green clothes
  8. I have three dresses that I've created in my mind to wear for the awards show circuit
  9. I'm a lover of reality TV, not the trashy kind but the kind where you get a real look into different lifestyles
  10. I have extremely weird toes
  11. I love summer clothes and acquire at least two new sundresses each year
  12. I'm a terrible swimmer but love being in the water
  13. I've had the same best friend for almost 9 years
  14. My least favorite part of getting ready in the morning is getting dressed, I like having my clothes on, I just hate the process of putting them on for some reason
  15. I've been in a cycle of growing and donating my hair since I was 10
  16. Since getting my first iphone in September I've accumulated 6 cases for it
  17. "Let it Go" from Frozen is currently my favorite song, it's playing on said iphone right now
  18. I get nervous before reading a new book or starting a new story because I'm afraid I won't like it or it won't work out
  19. I maintain that 2004 was the best year for television, followed by 2006
  20. I wish I was an airbender
  21. My hair grows faster than anyone I know
  22. I'm great at pushups but terrible at situps 
  23. I plan on having a Boston terrier named Boris someday
  24. My first pet was a short lived fish named Katie
  25. I love to cook and bake equally
  26. Puzzles are not my strength
  27. I prefer to get 9 1/2 hours of sleep
  28. It is really hard for me to adopt a new favorite band or musiscian 
  29. Much to the worlds dismay, I am not a fan of Beyonce 
  30. My shoulders are double jointed so that I can pretty easily scratch my own back
Here's to 100 more! Thanks for reading!

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