Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: A Year in Review

I ring in the New Year with cousins and wrote my goals for 2013. My faith grows right before a trial. But I am able to overcome it with faith. A new dance saga begins and I start to get really homesick and miss C. I begin my week of fun.

I hate chasse's and the month of February. I write a Valentine's Day haiku. I end the month with pneumonia.

I join my Church's Easter choir and am immensely excited for our performances. I reminisce about my past summers. My beloved laptop, Lars has a very bad day. Spring break arrives and I live it up!

We celebrate Easter and I finally get to sing onstage. I try Zumba (but don't stick with it). I try to be at peace with the present. My dog Ruby turns five. I have my 200th blog post! I spend my last few days as an 18 year old and reflect on the year.

I finish up my classes and remember the 7th anniversary of my back surgery. I reflect on my freshmen year of college and am finally free. I donate my hair for the fourth time and barely anyone notices I got it cut. M graduates and Memorial day happens. I realize how much I love May.

I write my 2013 summer goals. My return to work stresses me out but everything turns out fine. VBS week is super fun. Claire graduates and I realize how blessed I am to have her as a best friend. I review two concerts I attended and the summer fun begins with chaos! We celebrate my cousins baby's second birthday and prepare for vacation.

E marches in her first parade on Independence Day.  The day before leaving for vacation is packed with stress but the beach is so worth it. I kind of decide to reveal my name on a nearly perfect day. Unfortunately the worst day follows closely after. Still vacation was awesome and I'm sad to leave. I reflect on my job from when I first started to now.

I miss the Olympics and repost my reviews in sentiment to London 2012. I soak up summertime and have another near perfect day. I am anxious to return to school and end summer by reviewing my summer goals. School gets off to a rocky start.

I try to adopt a positive attitude. remember September 11th 2001. After 4 months our home movies come in the mail! I learn there is an actual problem with my hips. I get a terrible cold/fever and miss a day of school. I try and do my part to spread awareness for pediatric cancer.

I write about my daydreams. I finish reviewing gymnast memoirs. I start the long process of decluttering and sort of redoing my room at home. Not that much happens this month and I end it with Halloween at home with my family.

M turns 23 and we celebrate with a fun outing, dinner and a get together with family. I change my blog title, and am still really excited about it. I make a vow to be positive come January. I address mean people and how to handle them. I pay tribute to Barbara Park. My guinea pig Baylie passes away. I do Week of Thanks again and celebrate Thanksgiving by making four pies with M and going to my aunts house. Fun times were had by all.

The Christmas season  begins and I love it. With just a week left of school I decorate my dorm room for Christmas. I finish out the semester with all A's and B's. Upon returning home I watch Tangled for the first time and love it. Christmas festivities begin and I Christmas shop with my mom, attend E's holiday band concert and go to several parties. I also return to 8 hour work shifts over break and transition smoothly. Unfortunately, like last year I am sick for Christmas. I ring in the new year with C and her boyfriend and M and have a great night.

Overall, 2013 wasn't the best year, it had some highs and some pretty low lows but it was a blessed year and I am thankful that God has allowed me to be here for another year as well as my loved ones.
Here's to 2014, I'm giving myself the power to make it a great year!


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