Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Because Lists Are Cool

  1. I have started watching Sherlock and why didn't I listened to Claire about it's awesomeness earlier?
  2. I have one more thing to submit for my transfer application to a college I'm really hoping to attend in the fall.
  3. I got an A on my first quiz of the semester!! 
  4. I finally got the second Divergent book and will be reading it within the hour. 
  5. The fact that the month is basically over is both exciting and scary because that means February is coming....shudder. 
  6. M and I are once again trying to see all the movies nominated for Best Picture in the Oscars, we have 2 down and 7 to go. 
  7. I'm pretty certain I'll be chopping my hair off again in May, I really hate how heavy it gets when it's long and my hair grows FAST. 
  8. This weekend we're going to a birthday dinner for my cousin B's baby's first birthday, such a blessing to see my family. 
  9. Truth be told, the song "Let it Go" is actually becoming a little tired to me. 
  10. And it's currently playing on my iphone. 
  11. I just realized that I accomplished one of my New Years goals by adopting a new TV show to follow. Thank you Sherlock. 
  12. I'm currently writing a story that I've been planning for awhile and I'm really excited about it. Dare I say it could be my first book???
Signing off now, be back tomorrow!!

Gluten and Dairy Free: One Week

So I have officially been gluten and dairy free for one week! I figured I'd do little check-ins for awhile to document how things are going, what foods I've tried etc.

How I'm feeling: Pretty good, at first I had nothing to eat and felt a general sense of hopelessness but then we went to the grocery store and bought a ton of good stuff and things took a turn for the better.
Foods I'm loving: Rice noodles-literally taste the same as actual noodles, Larabars-so healthy and so good, GF pancake mix, rice cakes, GF Joe-Joes from Trader Joes-better than oreos
Foods I tried but didn't like: Ok I was totally drinking almond milk for a good week until I realized it was the source of the stomach aches I'd been having since going DF and GF so almond milk is out, I'm going to try rice next and soy is a last resort.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alright Winter, I Apologize

Hurray hurray!!!! I have two snowdays!!! No school Monday or Tuesday. Life is good!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Elimination Game

I've always had a weirdly sensitive stomach and I'm going to take matters in my own hands and get healthier, and figure it out. So I have officially eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet, indefinitely. Dairy is not hard at all because I really don't like milk or cheese much, and I can easily use Almond milk in my beloved morning cereal. The gluten is difficult though and I don't plan on living off of rice cakes forever so this weekend I'll be stocking up on some good food that I can use as replacements.

I got a lot of good advice about the whole thing because a lot of people are now going gluten free so it's not as hard as it used to be. I'm not doing this to be trendy or anything I just honestly want to give my stomach a break from all the turmoil and eat more "whole" foods if that makes any sense.

I'll be documenting some stuff about the transition on here, mainly just recipes or snacks I liked and such. And I wanted to remember when I started this whole thing:

First day of gluten and dairy free diet: January 22nd 2014

Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Loooooong Weekend

Wow, I've been a poor blogger this month! I don't know why because I've been busy doing plenty of fun stuff but I haven't written about it much. Probably because I've been too busy doing fun stuff.

I had a great four day weekend. I spent Friday with my favorite grandma, Saturday was movie night with my favorite aunt and uncle, Sunday we celebrated my moms birthday with family and Monday I baby sat for my favorite family and then went out to eat with my mom and sisters. Lots of favorites! Today I decided that I really am going to ramp up my academics this semester. I have been doing good thus far but I want to do great. If you remember I really struggled with motivation last spring semester so I'm going to try and avoid that this time around.

In other news, the weather has not been fun. Have I mentioned that I have really started to hate winter? Well I have, big time. I hate bundling up, I hate being cold and I hate not being able to go outside. I will be through the roof with joy when the weather starts to turn in a few months.

Tomorrow I have a map quiz in my Humanities class, I've almost memorized the whole thing but not quite so I'm off to work on that. Also tonight I'll be tuning in to both Dance Moms AND Teen Mom 2. Should be a good time.

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Claire loves the movie Frozen and so do I, but she saw it first and gets props for urging me to go see it too. Anyway, I love sending Claire mail so I decided to make her a little picture, here is the evolution of it:

Step One: Pencil sketch
I'm not a good artist but I do ok when I'm coping a picture, I used the guidance of google images for my drawing of Olaf, the friendly snowman from Frozen.

Step Two: Outline
Claire's mom actually got me some scrapbooking stuff including a really nice fine tipped marker for Christmas. That's what I used to outline.

Step Three: Finishing touches
I added some color on the nose and mouth and the lyric from one of the songs in the movie.

I can't wait to send it to her!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

300th Blog Post!

Wow! Can you believe it? I can't! So, in honor of this momentous occasion I will present you with 30 facts about myself. Much like I did for my 200th post, only that time you only got 20 :)
  1. When I read the lbs. abbreviation for pounds I always read it as "ibs" 
  2. I bit my nails and the skin around my nails for years until I realized how disgusting it was
  3. I have worn the same ring for the past 5 years and the same necklace for 4
  4. I'm afraid of a lot of foreign foods, when in doubt order a salad
  5. The whole "Take one day at a time" thing just does not work for me
  6. I love cereal, preferably Honey Bunches of Oats or any granola
  7. Despite the fact that my favorite color is green I own almost no green clothes
  8. I have three dresses that I've created in my mind to wear for the awards show circuit
  9. I'm a lover of reality TV, not the trashy kind but the kind where you get a real look into different lifestyles
  10. I have extremely weird toes
  11. I love summer clothes and acquire at least two new sundresses each year
  12. I'm a terrible swimmer but love being in the water
  13. I've had the same best friend for almost 9 years
  14. My least favorite part of getting ready in the morning is getting dressed, I like having my clothes on, I just hate the process of putting them on for some reason
  15. I've been in a cycle of growing and donating my hair since I was 10
  16. Since getting my first iphone in September I've accumulated 6 cases for it
  17. "Let it Go" from Frozen is currently my favorite song, it's playing on said iphone right now
  18. I get nervous before reading a new book or starting a new story because I'm afraid I won't like it or it won't work out
  19. I maintain that 2004 was the best year for television, followed by 2006
  20. I wish I was an airbender
  21. My hair grows faster than anyone I know
  22. I'm great at pushups but terrible at situps 
  23. I plan on having a Boston terrier named Boris someday
  24. My first pet was a short lived fish named Katie
  25. I love to cook and bake equally
  26. Puzzles are not my strength
  27. I prefer to get 9 1/2 hours of sleep
  28. It is really hard for me to adopt a new favorite band or musiscian 
  29. Much to the worlds dismay, I am not a fan of Beyonce 
  30. My shoulders are double jointed so that I can pretty easily scratch my own back
Here's to 100 more! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


I get so caught up in the future that I find myself completely missing moments in the present. I am so very thankful for the life that God has blessed me with and yet I often feel discontent with where I am at in the moment, only to find that later on I yearn for the past. Will I every learn to cherish the moment? I hope so.

I will have to go back to school soon and I'm not looking forward to it, I am ready to finish this semester and close the "dorming at college" chapter in my life. In May I will feel such a sense of accomplishment, I can't even tell you.

But today, here and now I am about to clean up so the kitchen is ready to make dinner with my dad. In this moment I am excited to order some winter clothes (I have had the same winter wardrobe for about 4 years...), I am ready to go to work tomorrow, I am excited for fun things to come. I am thankful for all of it.


Friday, January 3, 2014

The 2013 Awards

The Best
Movie:The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Book: Wonder by RJ Palacio
Song: Carry On by Fun
Actor: Christian Bale
Actress: Jennifer Lawrence
TV Show: Parenthood

The Worst (I feel bad doing worst actors and actress so I omitted them)
Movie: Temptation
Book: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Song: We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus
TV Show: American Idol

Honorable Mention
Movies: Perks of Being a Wallflower
               Side Effects
               Place Beyond the Pines
               The Silver Linings Playbook
Books: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
             The Silver Linings Playbook by Mathew Quick
             Family Tree series by Ann M. Martin
Songs: Let it Go by Idina Menzel
           Stay by Rihanna
           Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips
TV Show:  New Girl
                  Cupcake Wars

Dishonorable Mentions
Movie: The Big Wedding
Book: The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley
Song: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
          Get Lucky by Daft Punk

Ahh well, better luck next year...

Happy Happy New Year!

I had a really great New Years Eve and Day! Here's the recap:

On NYE Claire and her boyfriend came over and we all went to dinner. C is basically restaurant buff so she picked a good place. I (of course) got a salad, we had so much fun there and continued it back home. I bought some snacks earlier to enjoy so we ate chips, Stewarts soda and mini cupcakes while we wrote out our resolutions for 2014, I'll be posting mine within the new few days. We used my new Sharpies to decorate our lists and then read them out loud. Afterward we played this game C and her boyfriend had brought, for the life of me I can't remember the name of it but it was all about arguing and it was so much fun. Just before midnight we went back into the family room to watch the ball drop. I hastily poured sparkling white grape juice into glasses just in time to count down and toast at midnight. Then we bundled up and banged pots and pans all down the street. The sky was bright and snow was falling, it was so quiet and peaceful. When we came back inside we played "Never Have I Ever" and then said goodbye. It was so fun to spend the night with my best friend.

On New Years Day I slept in and then M and I went to see Frozen. I had heard good things about it and actually meant to see it last week with our other friend but we ended up going to American Hustle instead. Anyway, Frozen was AWESOME, the music, the great. That night my mom and I watched the reveal for this years HGTV dream house and as always we are convinced that we'll win it. :)

Yesterday I had to work but afterward, while my mom and E went out to see a show, my dad took M and I to eat a our favorite burger place. The weather wasn't great so it was nice and quiet. So far 2014 has been pretty good!!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013: A Year in Review

I ring in the New Year with cousins and wrote my goals for 2013. My faith grows right before a trial. But I am able to overcome it with faith. A new dance saga begins and I start to get really homesick and miss C. I begin my week of fun.

I hate chasse's and the month of February. I write a Valentine's Day haiku. I end the month with pneumonia.

I join my Church's Easter choir and am immensely excited for our performances. I reminisce about my past summers. My beloved laptop, Lars has a very bad day. Spring break arrives and I live it up!

We celebrate Easter and I finally get to sing onstage. I try Zumba (but don't stick with it). I try to be at peace with the present. My dog Ruby turns five. I have my 200th blog post! I spend my last few days as an 18 year old and reflect on the year.

I finish up my classes and remember the 7th anniversary of my back surgery. I reflect on my freshmen year of college and am finally free. I donate my hair for the fourth time and barely anyone notices I got it cut. M graduates and Memorial day happens. I realize how much I love May.

I write my 2013 summer goals. My return to work stresses me out but everything turns out fine. VBS week is super fun. Claire graduates and I realize how blessed I am to have her as a best friend. I review two concerts I attended and the summer fun begins with chaos! We celebrate my cousins baby's second birthday and prepare for vacation.

E marches in her first parade on Independence Day.  The day before leaving for vacation is packed with stress but the beach is so worth it. I kind of decide to reveal my name on a nearly perfect day. Unfortunately the worst day follows closely after. Still vacation was awesome and I'm sad to leave. I reflect on my job from when I first started to now.

I miss the Olympics and repost my reviews in sentiment to London 2012. I soak up summertime and have another near perfect day. I am anxious to return to school and end summer by reviewing my summer goals. School gets off to a rocky start.

I try to adopt a positive attitude. remember September 11th 2001. After 4 months our home movies come in the mail! I learn there is an actual problem with my hips. I get a terrible cold/fever and miss a day of school. I try and do my part to spread awareness for pediatric cancer.

I write about my daydreams. I finish reviewing gymnast memoirs. I start the long process of decluttering and sort of redoing my room at home. Not that much happens this month and I end it with Halloween at home with my family.

M turns 23 and we celebrate with a fun outing, dinner and a get together with family. I change my blog title, and am still really excited about it. I make a vow to be positive come January. I address mean people and how to handle them. I pay tribute to Barbara Park. My guinea pig Baylie passes away. I do Week of Thanks again and celebrate Thanksgiving by making four pies with M and going to my aunts house. Fun times were had by all.

The Christmas season  begins and I love it. With just a week left of school I decorate my dorm room for Christmas. I finish out the semester with all A's and B's. Upon returning home I watch Tangled for the first time and love it. Christmas festivities begin and I Christmas shop with my mom, attend E's holiday band concert and go to several parties. I also return to 8 hour work shifts over break and transition smoothly. Unfortunately, like last year I am sick for Christmas. I ring in the new year with C and her boyfriend and M and have a great night.

Overall, 2013 wasn't the best year, it had some highs and some pretty low lows but it was a blessed year and I am thankful that God has allowed me to be here for another year as well as my loved ones.
Here's to 2014, I'm giving myself the power to make it a great year!