Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Break 2013

Here are my top 5 moments:
  1. Seeing Catching Fire with my mom and M. The movie was AWESOME, so well made and almost exactly like the book. 
  2. Thanksgiving, we had a small group this year but we had a lot of great food and played Taboo after dinner. M and I are beasts at that game. 
  3. Pie baking! After 2 years, we finally got our apple pie nearly perfect. In total we made 4 pies and they were all pretty tasty if I do say so myself. 
  4. Going to my cousins 18th birthday party and hanging out with my other cousins and seeing El. Also there was brownies and pineapple scones. Yum. 
  5. Sleeping in. I know this is kind of shallow but I ended up sleeping for 10 hours on Saturday so I clearly needed it. I'm tired right now, sigh. 
So there it is and what do you know? Only 10 more days until Christmas break, I am soooooooooo ready. Happy December!!


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