Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Close!

In just over 72 hours I will be home free! I can't wait for this break and I'm super excited for Christmas. Our house is completely decorated now so it's hard not to be in the spirit. On Sunday night we watched our favorite Christmas movie, The Family Stone. We watch it every year and honestly, that movie never gets old. On Friday we'll watch Annie, which I also love.

Today I had my first exam in Speech class, I got a B so all is good. I'm most nervous about my Ethics final which is Friday. Also, over the weekend I did my entire Human Cultures paper so it is done and ready to go which is a giant load off my back! Oh how I can't wait for the beautiful feeling of having everything done.

Over the weekend I got to see C four times and it was awesome, it's so great having her home. I have no idea what I'm getting anyone for Christmas but I do plan to make leg warmers for some people which is easy (and cheap). Mainly though I'm nervous about not knowing what to get either one of my sisters. Both are actually really hard to shop for, M has pretty specific taste and E is all over the place with what she likes.

This post was all over the place! Ha, well I'm off to relax for awhile before studying. I already got a good amount accomplished today.

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