Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Night Ramblings

I just had to redoe an assignment because my hand had a spasm and I clicked "no" when Microsoft Word asked if I wanted to save it. It. Was. Awful.

In actuality it wasn't really that bad and didn't take me long to redo but it was scary and annoying. Tonight I am just ready to go home. So ready that I'm sad and annoyed and of course nervous about the whole leaving process. What if there is bad weather and M is late or can't come at all???? I really have to just pray hard and give my worries to God. I have just one more presentation tomorrow and my final exam on Friday. I am ready to be done. Today I was able to take the optional psychology final that replaces a lower grade so now my grade will be improved a little. I think I did really good this semester and I have to be proud of myself. I never saw these kinds of grades in high school.

Tomorrow, other than giving the presentation, I have to pack up my things and clean the room a little bit. The floor is rather filthy. But I don't have any cleaning supplies so it should be interesting. I've been watching a Christmas episode of a TV or a TV movie every night to stay in the spirit. I did it last year too and it's always fun. As I said yesterday, we watch all the Christmas movies at home so I have free reign over the TV stuff here. Tonight I'll watch a Christmas episode of Party of Five, Full House and Boy Meets World. 90's TV at it's finest.

Well I'm going to sign off now. I can't wait until Friday afternoon when I can blog from home. Oh it will be a happy day indeed.


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