Sunday, December 29, 2013

Here's to the Birthday Boy Who Saved Our Llives (2013 Christmas Recap)

Well, on the night before Christmas Eve we I was super productive and got nearly everything done. Then I watched the American Girl Felicity movie by myself and It's a Wonderful Life with my mom and sister. I started feeling "off" around 8 or so and took a turn for the worse around midnight. Sparing the details I'll say that I had a stomach bug. So on Christmas Eve I felt ok in the morning, I took a shower but then I started just feeling waves of sickness. I really wanted to go to the festivities though so I bucked it up and went to Church and to my moms sisters house.

I had a hard time paying attention or even singing at church but felt a little better once we got to the house. I was thoroughly entertained with my cousins kids who are now 1, 2 and 3. I got M's gift in the gift exchange which I wanted. It's a water bottle that infuses real fruit into the drink. Once I got home I went right to bed, I was so tired!

Christmas morning I started off feeling alright but I felt sort of hungry so mid-gift opening I had my mom make me some toast but something didn't settle right and I ended up laying on the couch for the remainder of the presents. I really felt awful and though  I would be sick again, my mom sat with me and we watched Monk, I finally began to feel better. My favorite uncle and aunt came over and we exchanged gifts before all heading to my uncles for my dads side of the family's celebration. I was seriously hungry but only had potatos to protect my fragile stomach. Then we caroled and did our homemade gift exchange. I made a frame and collage picture of our family vacation that seemed to be appreciated and I received a lovely tree painting by my favorite grandma who happens to be an artist :). It will be the perfect piece to hang next to my bed since I'm still in the process of redoing my room.

After gifts we opened our envelopes that held the predictions we wrote last year. Mine was funny and came true. I had written that I hoped I'd have my major figured out in school and low and behold-I figured it out! People were already leaving at this point so no one wrote new predictions, BUT my aunt said I could mail mine to her and she'll keep it until Christmas 2014! I will take her up on that for sure.

The day after Christmas we always have our celebration with C and her family. We all ate dinner together at our long dining room table and it was so much fun, we definitely are one big family. Afterward we exchanged gifts, both C and I had gotten each other (different) Barbie movies, it's one of our things. Her sister gave me an awesome homemade notebook and their mom got us all scapbooking kits. Fun!! To top everything off we played our new game "Say Anything" and it was hilarious.

Christmas this year was marred by me being sick though, I'm super thankful that I did feel better for the latter half of Christmas Day and afterward but I'm sad that I had to be sick again :(. Oh well, here's to hoping I'll be healthy next year, it will be here before I know it. :)


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