Thursday, December 5, 2013

End of the Semester Blues

I did something very similar to this last year because, well, this time of in the semester is very stressful. So, I'm going to let loose all the things that are currently stressing me out:
  • Exams, well actually my exams aren't going to be too bad but the final paper in my Human Cultures class is not going to be fun. I have to complete it by Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to it. Also, I have once again been elected to do the most work in our group project for one of my classes. No one else stepped up so what was I supposed to do? 
  • M is picking me up on my last day (the 13th) and I'm worried it will be so crowded and busy that she won't get a parking space and so I've tried to time it so that my check out time and M's arrival time are the same so that I can check out and walk right out to her car. 
  • Work, I'm mad I scheduled myself for Saturday morning but it's done. I'm most stressed about getting back into the swing of things over break since I've been gone for over a month. Hey, that's why I scheduled myself this weekend...hmm.
In all honesty, I really do feel better typing things out and it makes me see that (a lot of times) I'm overreacting to minor things. Here's to 1 more day of classes before exam week!


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