Monday, November 18, 2013

When People are Mean

The weekend was nice, it went by really fast though so I'm hoping this week goes by quickly because I didn't feel like I got much rest and relaxation.

On Sunday M and my Grandma R and I were out running errands before my cousins birthday party and a rather unfriendly situation occurred in the parking lot. I'm not going into specifics but it never ceases to amaze me how some people are just straight up mean. I don't understand how someone can feel alright about acting like a complete jerk for no reason at all. After the incident I kept thinking of snappy comebacks I should have said or certain hand gestures I should have made. And then we got home and the house was a mess because E "Didn't feel like cleaning" and our dog Ruby hadn't been fed or taken outside because E had "Forgot". So I found myself fuming at the sink while washing dishes and you know what I did? I prayed. I prayed for those people in the parking lot because they so obviously needed God in their hearts. I prayed for my own temper to quiet down and that I wouldn't think mean thoughts of them. Sometimes I think that's all you can do, at a certain point a situation is just not worth getting that upset over because then you are just as hotheaded as the other person. This is something I needed a reminder of after the shuttle line incident.

So anyway, that's my little soapbox rant that really isn't very insightful at all and I'm certainly no expert at keeping my temper in check. If you would have heard the choice word I dropped this morning when I forgot my ipad at home you would know that it is a constant struggle :)

Happy Monday-here's to a good week!

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