Monday, October 21, 2013

This and That!

I had a busy but great weekend. I started de-cluttering and sort of redecorating my room a few weeks ago and I'm almost complete. When I'm done I'll post some before and after pictures on the blog. I also completed my final Church membership class. I just have to fill out some papers and go through the procedures and I will be recognized in front of the congregation (along with 7 other people) in the middle of December. I can't wait! I went through the classes about 4 years ago and M became a member but I wasn't really ready. I'm already looking forward to this weekend because I get to babysit MFF on Friday and maybe Saturday. The downside is I have to work Saturday morning but I'll get through it.

In other news, I'm really excited for Halloween. It's on a Thursday but M is going to come and get me so I can partake in the little party we're hosting at our house. My moms side of the family is coming (cute babies!) and El is coning! I cannot wait to see her! I couldn't miss out on that :).

This week I have a good deal to accomplish. I have to take my psychology test on Wednesday, my Ethics test on Thursday, finish a rough draft of my psychology paper, begin my persuasive speech and start reading for Human Cultures. Oh and I want to finish reading two books...

Happy Monday!!

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