Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh What a Week

This week was really successful. I got an A on my psychology test and I think I did pretty well on Ethics too. I wrote 2 papers and got to hang out with my old roommate and other girls from my floor! I can't wait to go home tomorrow though, I get to babysit MFF and even though I have to work on Saturday, I'm still happy for time at home. Currently, I'm feeling sort of sick to my stomach so of course I'm beyond freaked out. Oh I pray I don't get sick

In other news I finished another by one of my favorite authors, I'll be adding it to my book page soon. My (modified) goal is to surpass the amount of books I read last year, bring it on! I also knitted myself a hat yesterday, I used a loom and it's super easy. I'm going to wear it to M's car tomorrow and surprise her with my craftiness.

Alright, I'm about to go and make some Halloween stuff to add to the card I bought C. I miss her!

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